Beauty Review: Osis Gelastic Hair Gel

The Osis+ hair styling brand by Schwarzkopf Professional hasn't been out for long. They have 3 hair products out The Osis Dust It (hair dust)$23.50, The Osis Rough Rubber $20.00, and the Osis Gelastic hair Gel $18.00. I was given an awesome opportunity to try out their hair gel for free...
However, I'm a natural curly girl and I didn't like the texture or locked look of my hair after using the hair gel. It didn't work for me because it's used to help achieve stronger & longer lasting curls, my hair already has naturally strong curls, so it was pointless for me to use it but I decided to test it out anyway. The hair gel may not be perfect for my hair but for girls with more finer & straight hair this product is for you. I passed it along to my Auntie and she has managed to achieve amazingly bouncy curls that hold up firmly without applying any hair spray for lock & control.
Here is a quick styling tip: Step 1).Apply the Osis+ Gelastic hair gel to your hair. Step 2) comb hair so that there will be a even distribution of the gel. Step 3) braid your hair into Two French braids. Ex.

Step 4) leave the braids up for 30 minutes - 1 hour. Then unbraid your, and you will reveal nice, tight strong effortless curls.

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* I received this product from Influenster for testing purposes only*

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