E.l.f. cosmetics New Subscription Box

What: It's called "Beauty Bundle"
Price: 19.95 + Shipping & handling
When: It ships Bi-Monthly ( every 8 weeks)
So beauties, here's the deal, The Beauty Bundle is a hand-picked assortment of their best e.l.f. cosmetics and tools—chosen by their expert makeup artists—sent directly to your door every eight weeks! You get 3 Payment plans to choose from, $19.95 for the big monthly plan, $59 for the half of year plan, and $119 for the yearly. There have been no details released on the quantity of products that the box will include but I'm expecting about 10 or more full sized products judging by the prices.
For more information on this subscription box please go here

1 comment:

  1. I don't think I'll be subbing to this one. Elf is really cheap, so it's no big deal to go grab some of their stuff online or at Target. I'm also not a fan of their essentials line, but I do love their Studio brushes and some of their Studio products. I'll wait it out until I see what is sent with these boxes.


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