Short or Natural? Why Not?

5:06 PM
Beyonce can seriously start a  "Trend" with her eyes closed! Everything thing she does is her own unique style! Her own special way of showing us how she "Feels" at the moment. And I love It. This short but sexy pixi cut, is her way of saying "I can be different". 
Because for years the "big bouncy long blonde to brown hair' was here signature style.

I love that hair! But i'm a fan of her new style too.
 She so gorgeous! She is 31 years old but doesn't look a day older than 25. Whats her beauty secrets? How does she keep it all up. 

And we all know that Rihanna is forever changing her hair-style. She always giving us something fresh and new . This month she decided to show off her natural hair.

I love this look! Who knew she had hair this gorgeous ? I'm a natural girl myself and every now and then in between weaves i like to play around with my hair.
 Don't know how long the both of these ladies will keep these styles but its definitely something i like seeing great way to your old routine a break.

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  1. I think the short look actually suits beyonce way more :) She has such a small face the big voluminous hair is sometimes to much.


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