BAYANi HAiR Co. 22 " &24 "Brazilian Body Wave Review

Although im a natural curly/kinky headed girl, i love taking a break out from spiral headed and go for something different.
Way back in August& i was given the amazing opportunity to review 100 %Grade A: Brazilian hair from (Photos from when i first installed it got lost so I'm posting this review late)
I installed my hair in september and the hair hasn't aged a (Meaning it doesn't look like 9 months old) You would swear i just got it yesterday! i love the way the hair blends in with my natural hair. People that don't know me have no clue that I'm wearing extensions!
When it's comes to Quality Bayani Hair Co. is sure to wow their customers. The Texture of the hair is really soft with a sort of natural silky-ness, i love running my fingers through my hair especially because it's tangle free and haven't notice and shedding since i first installed it. I recieved 2 bundles of hair (1) 22" bundle & (1) 24" bundle i must admits at first i thought 2 bundles wasn't going to be enough but in fact the 2 bundles help create a more natural look. I always thought the " more the better " but in this case less was best. In my opinion it's best to keep it more Realistic and avoid the artificial look! Not saying 2 bundles will be perfect for everyone but at this point of time it was perfect for the look i wanted to achieve.
The hair is very Durable, sometimes I'm very busy throughout my day with work, gym-time, life, and everything else, i was scared that it would to start to get dull and dry and have to replace it soon but the hair fought through.
The insatll of the hair both times went great! Due to the tightness of the wefts, i didn't even have seal my wefts not even when I installed it the second time back in February!
Taking care of the hair is super easy.I Shampoo and condition my hair with the extensions sewn in almost 3 times a week, and the hair hasn't dryed.
I recieved the hair in the body wave (curl-pattern)

but i recently flat iron the hair, gave it a trim, and added red ombre ends to sections of it,(as seen in my latest o.f.t.d)

I love the way it converts right back to it's natural curl pattern when I wash it.
Amazing right!
I would definitely recommend shopping with their prices start at $65 compared to other companies whose prices start at about $80-90 per bundle.
So sorry for this review being super late, but lately I have been busy with work that I didn't have much time to care to my blog, but recent changes have been made that provides me much time to get back to blogging.So if you have been missing me don't worry you will be hearing (or reading ) Alot from me!


  1. The extensions look so natural!! :) I can't firuge out you're wearing them fromthe pics hehe
    Have a nice day


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