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Last month I purchased some amazing beauty products from I absolutely love their prices and was eager to find out the quality of their products.

Here are the items I purchased:

50 Pairs of Eyelashes= $ 6.34

56 Color Eye-shadow Palette = $11 59

Makeup Travel Bag = $7.20

Black Eye-liner Curd = $2.84

10 Color Concealer Palette = $9.23

22 PC Professional Makeup Brushes Set = $8.38

Cosmetic Eye Brow Powder = $4.26

Eyelash Glue = $3.94

12 color  Eyeliner Pencils=$4.79

Which all totaled out to be $57.32

I have been using these products a lot andi the quality is amazing!

I was very skeptical of the products before because of the prices, but I'm glad I did purchase these items.

I love the concealer palette! The colors are cream based and very easy to blend! The pigmentation is gorgeous! I saw the same palette on EBay for $15 and was at risk of purchasing It Tmart saves me a lot of money!

The 56 Color Eyeshadow palette colors are pigmented perfectly, I love this palette so many different smokey eye combinations you can create! I love the purples in this palette.

The eyelashes and lash glue was a very good deal. The natural lashes & the lashes I probably use twice a week! So glad I purchased 50 pairs of lashes I'm starting cosmetology school and in the future I will need lots lashes and stuff for my kit! So I will definitely be purchasing this set again!

The makeup brushes are great! They're so soft and don't shed a bit. The only thing that I would recommend that you purchase alongside these brushes is a good brush cleaning liquid.

The 12 color eyeliners/lip pencils are great and has very vibrant colors.

The eyebrow powder is a life savior! I had a horrible arching done at the mall that left me with little to no eyebrow hairs, with this powder you easily fill your brows in. I find that this powder gives you more of a natural look, way better than just using an eye pencil to fill them in

The Travel case was a good buy, its small but offer lots of storage.

I would definitely recommend
To all beauty lovers whose looking to shop for the best in beauty without spending a whole lot! The offer more than just beauty products, shop for apparel, accessories and more all at great prices.
I will do another haul soon!

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