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Hello beauties! I know some of you want to know how to tell if that cheap naked 3 palette you bought was the really the real deal or nah! I love  shopping on Aliexpress for clothing but lately I seen a lot of fake makeup palettes on the site. I suggest that you don't shop on there unless you truly KNOW your makeup and how to look for the REAL products. I ordered a real and a fake NAKED 3 palette to show you all a side by side comparison.

NOTE: Aliexpress is where you can get items for a way cheaper price sort of like eBay, but with a very huge price difference. I bought both of this palettes for $15.50 each

The first difference is the packaging, as you can see below the front of the real NAKED 3 shows each color at the bottom and the box has a cross-stitched kind of texture to it as well as a purple floral print on the inside, while the fake NAKED 3 has nothing but the name in the front and the box is smooth with plain white on the inside.

The back of the fake NAKED 3 is pretty much a well photoshopped image of the back of the NAKED 2 box. The real NAKED 3 should have the shadows at the bottom just like the front and the names of each on the shadows. Also, swatches of each primer with their names on it as well, and the picture of the brush you receive with this palette. Now the actual shadow boxing doesn't really look too different or even feel different, so don't let that fool you.

Now the shadows are so different that I was really surprised. The shades are 100% different in tone, color, and texture. Below are swatches of Strange, Liar, and Factory. The real NAKED 3 shadows are very soft and velvety; while the fake NAKED 3 shadows are very chalky. Both are pigmented, but you will definitely have a better time using the real shadows because the product is obviously the real thing and is made to last better and is better quality. 

Just wanted to share with you all especially the ladies that shop on Alixexpress for cosmetics. The prices might look perfect but the product you'll receive might not be worth it. BE CAREFUL!

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