College Corner: APPEARANCE

One of the most important things to  a college student is APPEARANCE! People can tell a whole lot about you based on your appearance. I know a lot of students don't care to mind what they wear. But they should!  Your at a big mild-stone in your life and you should dress to put on a big impression. Dressing casual or professional shows professors, fellow students and potential managers just how ambitious you really are. I don't about your school but at my university we are visited weekly by local and non local business representatives that are looking potential job candidates.  Some of those businesses host on site interviews right at the university. You only get 1 First impression. So I'm sure you don't want to meet a potential manager dressed your comfort/bed clothes. I learned all this the hard way. Now that I have got adjusted to the opportunities that are at store, I have completely updated my college wardrobe. I could do weekly College fashion "O.f.t.D's" if your interested in seeing an example of What I wear to school. I'm not going to make this a super long post just wanted to rant a little bit. if you haven't done so yet please enter my current giveaway!