DIY: Makeup Setting Spray! $6 Project!

Hi, beauties! Am i the only makeup lover that goes crazy when i lose my favorite, eye-liner, or most prized foundation! Especially when your in a hurry and don't have time to go out and buy a replacement to complete your look. So you panic! You either go without it or make a homemade dupe! Lol,  I recently had this problem when I lost my favorite Setting Spray. I know some makeup users don't use setting spray but I truly feel that it is something No makeup collection should go without! The #1 Reason being is that it makes your makeup last LONGER! No one wants to retouch their makeup and setting spray ensures that you don't have to. So after losing my setting spray, I desperately Googled "Setting Spray Replacement"and came across DIY: Setting Spray on YouTube. I nearly had a heartache because not only was the ingredients simple but they were things I already had at home. And it only took me 3 minutes to make the setting spray. The best thing about it is that it actually turned out to work, I went on about 8 hours without my make-up running. I was in love I normally don't do so Well with home projects but I am pleased to actually get this right. I want you beauties to try this DIY out!

So here's what you need:
99¢ Spray Bottle ( Find it at most 99¢ stores,  dollar tree and you can get it at Walmart )

FILTERED Water (  I used 3/4 of a bottle of Dasani Water)

Glycerin -6 oz - (this will run you about 4-5 bucks,i got mines at Walmart)

And that's it. I told you the ingredients was simple.

Now here's how you make it:

Pour 1/10 of glycerine in the spray bottle.
Next, fill the rest of the spray bottle with the filtered water.
Then, place onto the spray bottle and turn it upside down. You will see the Glycerine start to float to the top of the bottle. Once This is done you could start to shake the spray bottle.
After shaking, the Setting Spray is ready for use.

And there you have it a simple and easy $6 DIY Project. I will be experimenting with more DIY projects in the future. Thanks for taking the time out to visit my blog today I sincerely appreciate it.


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