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I love shopping online! But.every once in a while, i begin to miss just going shopping to try own things! Be honest, How many times have you ordered a pair of shoes or any item of clothing online and it didn't fit right? Countless of times this has happened to me. But yet i still love the benefit of shopping online. Online your quickly to find the best deals on the items you want, if one particular online shop doesn't have the item you want you could find atleast 40 more stores that have it in stock, no waiting in long lines, etc...
But how do you fix that one main problem of not being able to try on items before you purchase the wrong size?

I have found a few solutions to this problem! Heels.com, Le Tote, Nadine West, The Ms. Collection, and wardrobe wake-up.

(I may have mentioned them on my blog a while back)
Heels At Home allows you to try 2 shoes for free! You have 5 days to try them on before paying anything. If you don’t like the shoes, send them back for free!

Just signed for this service and i really like it,  every month you receive a surprise package of clothing and jewelry free of charge. If you like the item keep it and just pay for at 40% off retail price, if you dont like the item send it back! For Free! Great thing is that shipping is free both ways! There are No subscription fees!

Le Tote
This a monthly subscription, I think it is well worth the $49! With this service you can choose  the items you love, 3 garments and 2 accessories and they are delivered to your door. A unique thing about this service is that it allows you wear everything for as long as you want. And once you send everything back you get your next box.

The Ms Collection
Rent between three – five pieces of clothing and accessories on the15th of the month that are unique to you and the preferences selected in your style profile. Purchase pieces you love at up to 40% off retail. Then, place your pack in the mail by the 11th of the month. Wear, Return then repeat!

Wardrobe Wake-Up
Wardrobe Wake-up is an exclusive fashion subscription service designed for women that loves  to experiment with new designers and styles without buying each piece. The cost of this subscription service is $25.

These are only a few services i found that actually allow you to try on products before you purchase! I love the concept of each of these services! And the best thing about each one is the frugal price!

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