Learning to Love My Curves

2:20 PM
 I have been a curvy girl since my early teen years, I would give anything to get back to the figure I had when I was 16-19 those was the days when I was perfect and didn't even know it. I was at a healthy weight of 165 and had a little hour glass figure to accompany my weight. Back then I certainly didn't cherish my figure, I didn't know or really cared what a figure was to be honest because I was trying to focus on graduating high school and getting into a good college. (Which I did) I ate what I want with no regrets, I was fit enough for basic activities and barely exercised at all. But fast forward to now, I can't enjoy a simple sand which without thinking that maybe I should have omitted the cheese or chose a healthier bread. I am now 21 years old 240 wait no, 238 pounds ( I just weighed myself), and although I'm considered plus size I am starting to love my figure. I still have that hourglass shape from a few years ago, and I'm loving it! 
Don't get me wrong I know being 238 pounds isn't healthy, I want to lose weight but I had to learn to love my body for what it currently is, because trying to work on something that you don't have love for usually ends up in failure because you don't care enough to follow through with it. I have tried countless diets and fitness plans to get rid of a body that I once thought was ugly, rude and uncalled for and I didn't stick to anything for more than a day or two because I felt that my ugly body wasn't worth the pain/sacrifice. I used to try to hide my fuller figure by wearing clothing that made me look larger than I really was, and when I wanted to be cute I wore clothing that were way to small for me. I spent so much time looking and feeling like a fool I just decided to stop hating myself and be happy with the body I currently have. 
I am now happy with my figure because I realized my situation could have been a lot worst. There are girls that weigh a lot lesser than me that have bodies that are shaped like a bag of potatoes and have no curves at all. Not to be funny but it's true! My love for fashion played a big role in calling off the fight with my body. I knew how to dress and had always had style, but my body type now wasn't made for the type of style I was used to wearing back when I could just wear anything I wanted and I just had to get over that fact and find a new style for my new gorgeous fuller curvy figure. 
This wasn't easy for me and if your going through this I promise you I know how you feel. To ease you pain here are 5 things that helped me fall in love with my not so healthy beautiful body.
1). Reminding myself to LOVE MYSELF!
 -  You probably have heard this so many times but this is really the foundation step of improving yourself! 
2). Being curvy is a BEAUTIFUL thing!
-   Just ask Beyoncé, Sofia Vegara, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, etc!
3). Appreciate the things your body can do
-    Your curvy there is a lot of things your body can do! No other figure looks better in fitted dress than a curvy one! No other figure turns heads like the figure of a curvy women.
4).  Stop comparing yourself to others!
-     You will regret it! Becase comparing yourself to others is not healthy it will only make you hate yourself more!
5). Set your OWN goals!
-   What is it that you want to achieve? Please don't rely on goals of others or solutions that worked for others to create a plan for yourself. This is your body! Every body is not the same so what worked for them may not work for you! 
              So are you confident in the skin in your in? Tell me why/why not

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