Pros and Cons of Shopping on Instagram

12:02 PM
        Instagram is not just for sharing photos with your friends. It has become more and more of a trend to see Store owners use their Stores Instagram account as a selling base. How many times have you seen " Comment your Email address to receive an invoice to make a purchase"? To some people being able to shop on Instagram is a life saver but there are many others that significantly hated their decision to make a purchase on the social media site. There are a few up/downs that I notice and I hope sharing this information would make your next decision to shop from Instagram more wiser.    

 1). Connecting with the Brand/Company
 - it's quite easy for a company to engage with its customers on Instagram, a customer gets the opportunity to communicate with the company by commenting their concerns, questions or requests under a photo on the company's account. Sometimes this seems to be the fastest way to get an answer to a simple question without having to go through the whole process of submitting a question by email and waiting 2-4 days for a response.

  2). Connect with other customers
 - Under the comment sections of a company's post on Instagram you are likely to find other customers that have previously shopped from the company share their shopping experience. You could learn about the quality of the items, shipping time, how good or bad is the customer service, etc. You  may also  find a post that a customer tagged the company in that is showing the product or item that you're looking to purchase, so you would know exactly what the item should look like if you were to purchase it. 
 3). Prices
 - There are so many shops on Instagram, You will find that a lot of them sell the same items or similar, but for different prices! There are so many poplar discount shops on Instagram, there is no reason for you not to find the best price your looking for. 

   1). Quality 
 - Buying from a shop that you found on Instagram could be a Hit or Miss when it comes to quality. I have heard horror stories about ordering an item only to find out it wasn't the item pictured or completely not receiving the item at all. There have been stories of items being sent to customers that was damaged or the quality of the material of the item being really cheap and tacky.
   2). Scammers
 - It's so easy for a scammer to create a fake account and purchase an X amount of followers and post popular items from other popular shops to make their account look legitimate enough for you to want to buy from thier shop. Nowadays it's getting harder and harder to tell a legitimate shop from a fake one because these con artists are getting better & better at their evil craft. I really wish that Instagram would start verifying shops the same way they do celebrities.            

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